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Sea-Iodine - Product Image
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1000 mcg., 60 vegetarian capsules
Price:   $8.00 

Rhodiola Extract - Product Image
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Rhodiola Extract

250 mg, 60 vegetarian capsules

Description and Directions

Supplement Facts

Price:   $14.00 

Optimized Ashwagandha - Product Image

Optimized Ashwagandha

60 vegetarian capsules

Description and Directions

Supplement Facts

Price:   $10.00 


L'Oreal-Based (Inneov) Combo, Men-Patented in France

Inhibits DHT binding, promotes micro-capillary circulation, resolves fibrosis.
Mega Green Tea Extract, Super Saw Palmetto,
Grape Seed Extract, OptiZinc, and Taurine.

Product Details

Price:   $91.75 


L'Oreal-Based (Inneov) Combo, Women-Patented in France

Resolves fibrosis, reduces inflammation, promotes micro-capillary circulation.
Mega Green Tea Extract, Grape Seed Extract, OptiZinc, and Taurine.

Product Details

Price:   $78.25 


Capsures/Emu Oil Combo-Patented in Italy

Ameliorates Peri-follicular inflammation the central component
of hormonal hair loss, both topically and systemically.
Optimized Resveratrol, Super BioCurcumin,
Low temperature processed Emu Oil.

Product Details

Price:   $99.85 


Equol Producing/DHT Serum Reduction Combo-Patented in USA

Facilitates Equol Production, lowers serum DHT)
Super Absorbable Soy Isoflavones, Mega Green Tea Extract, Sea Iodine.

Product Details

Price:   $59.40 


TRX-Based, Internal Minoxidil Combo- Patented in the United Kingdom

Stimulates Potassium on Channels, which are progressively diminished in MPB
Optimized Carnitine w/GlycoCarn, Branched Chain Amino Acids, Niacin, Biotin.

Product Details

Price:   $63.58 


Topical Combo: Patented in USA, Germany

Resolves Scalp Inflammation, Reduces Scalp levels of DHT,
stimulates hair growth via Potassium Ion Channel,
Nitric Oxide, upregulation.
LowTemperature Processed Emu Oil, Dr. Proctor Advanced Hair Regrowth Formula,
Dr. Proctor Thinning Hair Shampoo.

Product Details

Price:   $82.66 


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We are not responsible for items lost after shipping confirmation.

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