Variations of hair cloning, or hair multiplication if you will is being actively pursued by several companies and researchers worldwide. Though not yet commercially available, hair cloning *is* being done on a limited trial basis.

Following is a list of companies and researchers involved, along with contact information which will hopefully enable you to monitor the progress and possibly take advantage of the procedure, if needed, at the earliest possible juncture.

Intercytex (UK) 44 (0) 161-904-4500

Dr. Gho (Prague Clinic) 420-222-582-340

Dr. Unger (Canada) 416-944-9393

Dr. Cooley (U.S.) 704-491-9971

Dr. Bazan (Mexico) 866-828-0710

Aderans (U.S.) 215-382-7705, 678-213-1919

These researchers are focused on cloning existing “immune priviledged” healthy hairs (those in areas not affected by MPB) and placing them in balding areas, NOT the genetic treatment of hair loss or the re-generation of existing hair.

Inquiring as an investor or writer, as opposed to a prospective patient, can often result in more forthcoming information disclosure.

The most conservative estimates put earliest commercial availability at around 2010.

Keep in mind that our primary goal is to keep you (and ourselves) from ever having to resort to hair cloning in the first place.

Possible Cure for Gray Hair

L’Oreal, the French cosmetic giant, (who brought you the L-Taurine patent as a treatment for MPB ) has developed a drug called “Promel” that reportedly returns gray hair back to its natural color within 2-4 months. It is apparently based upon addressing 2 genes that are related to the malfunctioning of the melanocytes.

Rumor has it that it will be available within 3 months in Europe, no word yet on the costs. We’ll keep you posted with the latest.


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