"Meant to be Seen"

Price $29.99 / 32 pages
"Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer"

Gosh! don't wish somebody would told these words to Courtney Calsons right before she went on her wacky mall trip? She was looking for a purse but she might as well have been looking for a criminal to stop and that's what got her at out door camp. Now she has to face the horrors of making new friends or enemies and it seems like she has more of one that the other. But when she starts getting hurt and ending up in some scary situations, she will start to wish she was back home. There's a little surprise twist that will be hard to resist. And just so you know always expect the unexpected!

It's your job to find your own.
Sahjar Aliabadi lives in El Paso, Texas and now is attending Hornedo Middle School. She just completed writing her first novel "Meant to be Seen". In this novel, she sends a message to teenagers who think that making their own decisions, things will always come up right in life. Sahjar can totally relate to the first part of the story because "crazy things are always happening to her," she says. "This little story is only the beginning"!
Book to be available on April 7, 2006