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Why Pharmaceutical-Grade Treatments are CRITICAL

     There are thousands of commercial supplement and drug companies in the United States. Many of these suppliers offer top quality products, while others sell bogus concoctions that have zero efficacy because the ingredients listed on the label are not contained in their products.

     The FDA stopped regulating dietary supplements in 1994. This has mostly been good news for the consumer. Prices have come down for many products, and there is now a greater selection of nutriceutical compounds available in the United States than in any other country.

     The MPB Buyer’s Club was created to provide pharmaceutical grade compounds and topical treatments at reasonable prices to those suffering from hair loss.

     For example, extracts from the nettle root and nettle leaf are approved as drugs in Germany. The MPB Buyer’s Club purchases these nettle extracts from the identical pharmaceutical companies who supply the German drug companies. There are cheap sources of nettle available on the supplement market, but none of them have been documented to lower a dangerous cytokine called tumor necrosis factor. Several degenerative diseases including hair loss have been linked with increased levels of tumor necrosis factor that are produced as people grow older.

     All kinds of nettle root products are being sold by commercial companies in the United States, but the MPB Buyer’s Club imports the identical nettle root extract used in German drugs that have been documented to produce results by neutralizing a pathway by which estrogen can contribute to hair loss in men.

     There is a huge difference in efficacy when using pharmaceutical grade herbal extracts and topical treatments compared to food-grade knock-offs often don’t provide he active constituents that address mechanisms that have been conclusively identified as contributing to hair loss. Consistent potency and purity can only be obtained by mandating that the nutrients contained in the treatment compound, are manufactured to meet pharmaceutical standards.

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