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L-Taurine/Green Tea/Zinc

      Patented by L’Oreal as a combination oral treatment for thinning hair. It is sold as “Hair Mass” in Europe by Inneov-a cosmeceutical company formed as joint venture by Nestle and L’Oreal, for the sole purpose of marketing this product. Hair Mass cost approximately $50.00 U.S. for a 1 month supply. It works by inhibiting fibrosis of the pilosebaceous unit, and down regulating androgens involved in the balding process. All of these ingredients are singularly available at much higher doses and for much less money than what is patented.


Mega Green Tea - One capsule daily

L-Taurine -1000mg - one capsule daily

Zinc Methionine - 30mg - One capsule daily with food


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