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Androscience-Topical and Systemic Curcmin Analogues

      Here’s a succinct summation from Androscience, a LaJolla based bio-tech firm.

      AndroScience was founded based on a new concept that novel compounds with differential activities toward different androgen-regulated physiological functions can be discovered and developed into new medicines. Recent discoveries by Professor Chang and his colleagues (University of Rochester) have shown that the androgen-activation pathway involves a multiple-step control process. This suggests that new compounds, which target different stages of the androgen-activation pathway, may be more functional-specific, efficacious and safer when compared to the current anti-androgens. AndroScience uses its expertise in natural product chemistry to discover proprietary compounds that target the androgen activation AndroScience has recently discovered and patented a family of compoundsderived from natural products that enhance the degradation of the androgen receptor (i.e., ARD Enhancer). These compounds selectively enhance androgen receptor degradation and do not affect endogenous androgens, testosterone or dihydrotestosterone (DHT). To our knowledge, this is a novel and unique mechanism of action.

      These compounds appear efficacious both topically and systemically and could be good candidates for acne, alopecia, prostate cancer, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), and other androgen related diseases.

      The potency of AndroScience’s lead compounds has been validated in animal models for the treatment of acne, alopecia and prostate cancer. Currently, AndroScience is conducting GLP toxicology and other preclinical studies in order to file an IND and proceed to Phase I and II clinical studies.

      Note: Oral Curcumin has been shown in one patent application from an Italian firm, to be particularly effective at growing hair in balding subjects when combined with Resveratrol.

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