Are You Going Bald? STOP the Grains and Sugar

      Here’s an article from Dr. Mercola regarding the effects of diet and insulin resistance on hair loss. While it is highly unlikely simply eliminating grains and sugar will regrow any hair, it is reasonable to conclude that their presence is a significantly aggravating factor, and that their avoidance likely plays a role in hair loss prevention.

      “There exists a proven association between male-pattern baldness and serious cardiovascular events, but the mechanism of action is unknown.

      Now, a new study has shown a strikingly increased risk of insulin resistance, hyperinsulinemia, and insulin-resistance-associated disorders in men with early onset of male-pattern baldness (alopecia), supporting the theory that early male-pattern baldness could be a clinical marker of insulin resistance.

Researchers looked at the following insulin-resistance-associated risk factors:
A "cluster" was considered to be present if at least three of the four variables were simultaneously positive.

The risks for the following were all found to be elevated for the alopecia group:

Researchers maintain that there findings " ... raise the question whether insulin resistance could be a pathophysiological mechanism or promoting factor in early androgenetic alopecia, which could, in turn, be an early marker of insulin resistance."

In addition, they suggest that men with early-onset male-pattern baldness should be screened for insulin resistance and other cardiovascular disease risk factors.”

Lancet September 30, 2000; 356: 1165-1166

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