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Root Food

      Healthy hair needs proper nutrients. Root Food is a cysteine and taurine based hair vitamin designed by Life Extension scientists, Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw. They make their formulations available only through organizations that meet their exacting criteria for dissemination of truthful and objective scientific information. MPB Research is honored to be one of the few organizations able to distribute their products.

      Although cysteine won't by itself usually grow hair, (although some people report regrowth at very high doses), it does speed up hair growth and increases hair shaft diameter by 20%, literally resulting in fuller hair. It is often reported that cysteine results in longer hair growth. Maximum length of hair is generally genetically programmed, however, with cysteine it would appear that this program gets overridden and much longer hair growth is possible for those so inclined. It also provides potent antioxidant protection to the hair follicle. Some people use N-acetyl-cysteine topically for this purpose, and report hair regrowth. Taurine has been studied as having hair regrowth properties due to its unique abillity to prevent ridgidification of the hair follicle and the aging of the pilosebaceous unit.

      One of the more interesting things is the large amount of vitamin B-2 in the recommended daily dose. At physiological achievable concentrations B-2 acts as a 5 alpha-reductase inhibitor!. A daily dose of Root Food contains 120 mg. of B-2. It's not much point in using anymore than that because the solubility of B-2 is limited in your gut and you can only absorb so much. There is a Japanese study in the medical literature showing that riboflavin-vitamin B-2, is particularly effective as a 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor.

      Root Food also contains a nutrient inositol which is a grow factor and essential for the Keratinocyte cells which line your hair follicles and produce hair. Root Food also has other vitamins that are needed for your hair to grow properly including folic acid plus the amino acid taurine. Also included are the antioxidant vitamin E, large amounts of vitamin C, and selenium, which are important for proper hair function.

      Root Food provides optimal levels nutrients for hair to be its healthiest, and doubles as a potent antioxidant supplement for general daily use.

      Directions: Take 4 capsules a day in divided doses.

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