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Super Omega 3 EPA/DHA

       EPA and DHA (eicosapentaeionic acid and decohexaenoic acid) have been shown to improve cholesterol profiles, and alleviate many forms of chronic inflammation, inflammation being a major factor in hair loss. The late Dale Alexander wrote several books detailing the hair growth benefits of high dose Cod Liver Oil. In addition to numerous other health benefits, Fish Oil will potentiate the effects of other anti-inflammatory hair regrowth compounds. Vitamin D is highly concentrated in Fish Oil and has been observed by researchers in Australia, to "improve" coordination, and stimulate hair growth. Dr. Inabi noted in his epidemiological study of baldness in Japan, that in addition to soy consumption drinking large amounts of green tea, the non-balding rural Japanese ate a diet high in fish and Omega 3 fatty acids, while their balding urban counterparts primarily consumed western forms of fats (hydrogenated, red meat, fast food, etc.)

      Directions: 2 softgels, twice daily with meals.

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