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Pomegranate Extract

      In ancient Greek mythology, the pomegranate represents life and regeneration. Its medicinal use dates back more than 3,000 years, but contemporary science has rediscovered the pomegranate’s surprising array of health benefits.

      Numerous studies show that pomegranate is one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants, and has potential protective effects toward LDL oxidation. Pomegranate also inhibits MMP-9, a collagen enzyme that induces apoptosis in the hair bulb. The remarkable effect of pomegranate against various problems, however, makes one question whether there is more to this fruit than just its free radical-suppressing effects.

      One answer to this question may lie in the fact that pomegranate is absorbed into the bloodstream far more efficiently than other fruit extracts. One study showed a pomegranate extract to be 95% absorbed, which is far greater than any polyphenol-containing fruit extract of its kind.

      Another reason that pomegranate has displayed such incredible clinical findings is that it contains a unique polyphenol group called punicalagins. Punicalagins are the major players behind the antioxidant capacity of pomegranate. These pomegranate ellagitannins can metabolize into smaller, beneficial polyphenols such as ellagic acid, which has been shown to be a hair growth stimulant.

      Pomegranate Extract Capsules provide the equivalent of up to 12.3 ounces of pomegranate juice (or 24 pomegranates) in one capsule, making capsules a far more economical choice.

      Directions: Take one capsule daily with or without food, or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner.

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