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Apple Polyphenol

      Revita contains procyanidins flavanols derived naturally from apples because published studies show that topical application promotes hair growth almost as effectively as minoxidil, but without the side effects.

      DS Laboratories obtains a pure form of this precious compound through gentle mechanical compression, not harsh chemical extraction. The high-quality process preserves molecular integrity and bioactivity, although with a lower yield. 20,000 liters of apple juice are processed to extract just 100 grams of procyanidin B-2 and 21 grams of procyanidin C-1, but the results make it worth the investment.

      Procyanidin oligomers (simple polymers) promote both epithelial and mesenchymal cell health, which induces anagen-phase hair growth. For many men, such stimulation is all that is required to arrest the balding process.

      Epithelial cells include the outer root sheath, inner root sheath, and bulb matrix. The follicular dermal papilla, however, is a mesenchymal cell, more like connective tissue. Successful interaction between these two differing cell types can make or break a hair's cycle.

      The following photos compare anagen-stage hair growth after 19 days using procyanidin, minoxidil, or a placebo.

      First, hair on the backs of eight-week-old mice (above) was shaved and a topical solution applied daily. Figure A shows hair regrowth after application of a placebo with no active ingredients, the control. Figure B shows regrowth by using a 1% solution of minoxidil, the most widely known ingredient. Figure C shows growth with 1% procyanidin B-2, an ingredient in Revita.

      So clearly, the effectiveness of minoxidil, procyanidin C-1 (below left), and procyanidin B-2 (below right) are equivalent.

      After such promising results with mice, Japanese laboratories conducted a human study. A double-blind clinical trial investigated the effect of a 1% procyanidin B-2 solution over four months. Nineteen men received procyanidin; 10 received a placebo.

      In the procyanidin group, 79 percent experienced greater hair diameter, compared to just 30 percent in the placebo group. Plus, the treated group showed a higher ratio of hairs measuring over 40 micrometers in diameter. Also, the total number of hairs in a designated area was significantly greater.

      Researchers concluded that procyanidin B-2 treatment shows great promise as a cure for male pattern baldness, and it appears to carry no adverse side effects.

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