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Emu Oil Marked Down for Limited Time - 15% Off

      Due to our consistently high volume purchases created by our client demand for Low Temperature processed Emu Oil, we were just notified by our supplier, at least at this time, that we are able to obtain this premium oil it for 15% less than our previous price, and would like to pass the savings on to our client base.

Emu Oil Regrowth Pictures

      Because Low Temperature processed Emu Oil takes significantly more time to produce compared to its high temperature rendered counterparts, it is typically available in much more limited quantities, and is invariably more expensive. In addition to being low temperature processed, the Australian Ranchers who supply us with this low temperature processed oil allow their Emus to free range roam in their natural environment as opposed to giving them antibiotic laced, synthetic or corn based feed, which enhances the anti-inflammation effects of the oil, via the higher levels of lignans and anthocyanidins afforded by a natural diet.

      In a study evaluating numerous Emu Oil samples for dermatological benefit, it was found that only low temperature processed Emu exhibited significant anti-inflammatory effects. The effectiveness of Emu Oil for any purpose-particularly for hair growth, hinges on its anti-inflammatory effects. There are, unfortunately, some who tried and have concluded that Emu Oil doesn’t work-and since the bulk of Emu Oil available in the US has been rendered at high temperatures, it is very likely that their particular oil had little effect.

      Low temperature processed Emu Oil will typically initiate a rapid (within 2- 4weeks) visible burst of vellous (peach fuzz) hair growth- which will slowly become terminal over time. Unlike most other treatments, this growth occurs in the frontal hairline equally as well as other areas affected by thinning.

      Even though it is more costly to produce than its high temperature processed counterparts, low temperature processed Emu Oil is a very cost effective intervention. One of our bottles used for hair growth purposes typically lasts about 2 to 2 and a half months. It can be used as a sole treatment or in conjunction with other topicals or systemic interventions.

      We will continue to make every effort to provide this uniquely effective topical treatment available at only slightly above costs.

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