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Emu Oil Regrowth Pictures

Dr. Michael Holick

      These featured photos were forwarded to us by one of our e-newsletter subscribers that he said was claimed to be hair re-growth and re-densification along the frontal hair line in response to 1-3 applications of Emu Oil over several months. These photos generally reflect what has been anecdotally described as a seemingly typical response to Emu Oil applied to a receding hairline. Regrowth, stimulated by any treatment typically entails the initial appearance of vellous hair, (peach fuzz) that over the period of several months, becomes terminal hair, (thicker longer, “regular “ hair). Dr. Michael Holick of Boston University found that Emu Oil topically applied, was able to activate regrowth in 80% of hair follicles that were previously dormant.

Emu Oil Regrowth Pictures

      Emu Oil, though generally used by itself, is sometimes combined with Extra Virgin Coconut and Castor Oil for hair growth purposes.

      Emu Oil can be concurrently used with any existing topical treatment, i.e. Rogaine, Folligen, Dr. Proctor’s Hair Thinning Formula, etc.., and enhance penetration and thus their effectiveness. The best way to use Emu Oil with other topical treatments is to apply your topical treatment of choice firs, followed 5-10 minutes later by a few drops of Emu Oil, which will cause the active ingredients to penetrate through all 7 layers of the dermis, which would normally, even with the most absorbable topical treatments, penetrate to only 3 layers.

      Emu Oil, in addition to being a penetration enhancer, is a hair growth stimulant by itself. The exact mechanisms by which this re-growth is stimulated, though not entirely elucidated, is largely thought to be due to its anti-inflammatory properties and ability to stimulate DNA repair.

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