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L’Oreal’s Oral Hair loss Treatment for Men: Video/Pics

      The following newly released video succinctly explains the mechanisms behind Hair Mass for Men (Masa Capilar por Homme), and why it is such an effective oral treatment for male pattern balding. Hair Mass for Men, not available in the United States, is comprised of Beta Sitosterol - 100 mg, Taurine - 150 mg, Green Tea Extract - 140 mg, Grape Seed Extract - 40 mg, and Zinc Gluconate - 10 mg Masa Capilar por Homme sells for $60.00 USD for a one month supply.

L'Oreal's Hairloss for Men Video

Week 1                        Week 16

Week 1                        Week 16

Week 1                        Week 16

Week 1                        Week 16

      Hair Mass for Men can be readily formulated at a significantly higher, more potent dose, and a lower cost, by combining 1-2 Super Saw Plametto softgels - 90 to 180 mg Beta Sitosterol, 1 capsule of Mega Green Tea Extract - 795 mg, 98% Extract, 1 Taurine Capsule - 1000 mg, 1 Grape Seed Extract with Reseveratrol - 100 mg, and 1 capsule of OptiZinc-Zinc Picolinate - 30mg.

      The Laboratoires Innéov, a 50/50 Joint Venture between L'Oréal and Nestlé, are specialised in cosmetic nutritional supplements. L’Oreal initially invested $600 million to develop and promote Hair Mass for Women, which is identical to Hair Mass for Men minus the phytosterols. It is unlikely that any company would invest this amount of money and fund their research team unless they knew well in advance they were onto something. Feedback on the effectiveness of Hair Mass for both Men and Women has been resoundingly positive.

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