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MPB Research Photo Gallery

      Here are a sampling of before and after photos of some of our singular treatment recommendations we have on file that have either been published or sent directly to us from e- newsletter l subscribers and/or clients. This will give you an approximate idea of what to expect in response to some of our various treatment recommendations. Following are a listing of various treatments, with links to photos.

Inneovís Hair Mass for Men (Grape Seed Extract, Green Tea Extract, Physterol, Zinc combo):

Hairloss Treatment Pill for Men and Women from L'Oreal

Emu Oil:

Emu Oil Regrowth Pictures

Latest Emu Oil Regrowth Pictures

Soy Isoflavone/Cayenne Pepper Combo:

Soy/Cayenne Pictures

Dr. Proctorís Thinning Hair Shampoo:

Dr. Proctorís Shampoo Pictures


Italian Patent Details Hair Growth Effects of Resveratrol/Curcumin Combination      

Resveratrol/Curcumin Pictures

Monistat 7:

Monistat 7 Pictures

Ketoconazole (Nizoral):

Hair Growth with Nizoral Cream

Nizoral Cream Pictures

      Bear in mind that we recommend using several treatments simultaneously for maximum effect. For example, it is well known and accepted in the American Medical community that Rogaine and Propecia produce much better results than either one alone. This principle applies to these more treatment advances as well, such as those recommended in our Best Current Practice.

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