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New Topical Hair Loss Treatments to be Released

      While it seems that “hair cloning” or stem cell treatments for hair loss are still many years away, there are 3 particularly promising topical treatments for hormonal or pattern hair loss developed in the BioTech and Pharmaceutical Industry, that are making on their way to commercialization. Two are anti-androgens and one up-regulates peripheral Nitric Oxide. Following is some information in regards to the treatments themselves, the companies that have produced and patented them, and their current status in the development pipeline.

#1: Cosmo Pharmaceuticals with CB-03-01
Product Pipeline

#2: Androscience with ASC-J9
Product Pipeline

#3: Novan Therapeutics with SB204
Product Pipeline


      Of these compounds Androscience’s Curcumin Analogue ASC-J9, is particulary exciting. This is due to its ability to permanently shut down, or ablate the Androgen receptors in hair follicles, making it impossible for Androgenetic hair loss to continue or even take hold in the first place. Because of its ability to do this, continued application of the compound will not be required, which sets it apart from all other current treatments on the market, and treatments being developed.

      CB-03-01 is an antiandrogen that should prove to be at least as effective at blocking androgen receptors as the much anticipated RU58841,that was developed by Dr. Sewaya many years ago, but never commercialized. Unlike ASC-J9, it doesn’t permanently destroy the Androgen receptor, but nevertheless looks to be a highly effective Androgen blocker.

      Novan has yet to formally initiate trials of compounds with their Nitric Oxide based, core technology on Androgenetic hair loss, but look to do so in near future.

      In terms of availability, it is likely CB-03-01 will appear on the European market in the next year and a half to 2 years. Pursuing drug approval of CB-03-01 for the treatment of hair loss in the US is cost prohibitive and is unlikely to ever occur. Fortunately, US citizens can readily and legally access non-controlled European drugs without a prescription, so it will be available via mail order sources from either Europe or Latin America when available.

      The actual timeline of availability on the other two is unclear, however the best estimate for ASC-J9 is 2/12 to 3 years.

      The most advanced topical intervention currently available is Dr. Proctor’s Thinning Hair Formula, which contains a combination of a 5 alpha reductase inhibitor, anti-inflammatories, and hair growth stimulators, that like Novan’s formulas, function as a source of Nitric Oxide. These were developed by Dr. Proctor MD, PhD, who authored 7 patents in hair loss treatment, most of which are in this multi-component formula. Although his formula partially shares the core technology of Rogaine, it does not cause the pronounced shedding often associated with Rogaine cessation or usage.

      The hair stimulation effects of Dr. Proctor’s Thinning Hair Formula can be greatly enhanced by the concurrent usage of low temperature processed Emu Oil. When using with Emu Oil, you can optimize its effects by applying the formula to affected areas, and following this application 5-10 minutes later with a few drops of Emu Oil. Doing so will not only increase its penetration and residence time, but also produce additional hair growth stimulation effects.

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