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.2 mg Finasteride as Effective as 1mg finasteride (Propecia)

      Finasteride (Proscar /Propecia) for less than $2.00 a month!!

      You read it right.

      If you use Propecia, (which is optional if you follow even a fraction of our treatment protocol), you can cut your Propecia tablets into 5 smaller sections and get virtually the same effect on hair growth. In so doing so you can dramatically cut your costs, and somewhat reduce the risks of risks for side effects.

      Keep in mind that 1mg finasteride (Propecia) had virtually identical effects on lowering serum DHT as the 5mg Proscar, so if you can obtain Proscar, which generally costs the same as Propecia (around $65.00 U.S.), the monthly outlay for finasteride used daily will be around $16.00.

      But the news, as you shall soon see, gets even better. In material presented to the FDA, the effects of various doses of finasteride on Scalp Skin Dihydrotestosterone and Serum Dihydrotestosterone were assessed.

Scalp Skin Dihydrotestosterone

      The percent change of Scalp skin DHT for placebo and .01 mg finasteride were identical and essentially zero within a reasonable statistical estimate. The change dropped by 60 % for a .05 mg dose and stayed that way for all dosages up to 5 mg. Thus a 20 times smaller dose than PROPECIA had the same effect on the DHT.

Serum Dihydrotestosterone

      The data  showed  a virtually identical reduction in serum DHT from .2 mg to 5 mg !!       

       Add to the reduction in dosage is data suggesting that Propecia (finasteride ) need only be used every third day!!

      Here’s a quote from Dr. Peter Proctor M.D.,PhD, (author of many hair loss treatment patents)

      “ First, the does response curve for finasteride is almost flat. That is, a little works about as well as a lot.
Similarly, while the blood half life of finasteride is only a few hours, it forms an almost unbreakable complex with the target enzyme. Thus, restoration of enzymatic activity requires the synthesis of additional type-2 5-AR. This requires three days or so, at least. In the days before finasteride was released as the 1 mg form, Propecia, docs used to prescribe one 5 mg Proscar every three days or so This seemed to work just fine”.

Peter H Proctor, PhD., MD


Because the DHT reduction effects of .2mg are virtually identical to 5mg, you could conceivably use .2mg EVERY THIRD DAY!

      The only practical problem with that is that you’ll never be able to section an already small Proscar tablet into such small pieces. The best you can do is to cut a Proscar tablet into fourths with a pill cutter, and then cut the fourths in half, in effect giving you .625mg finasteride, (well above .2mg).Taking this 1/8 of a Proscar tablet every third day will virtually have the same benefit as taking 1mg Propecia, or 5mg Proscar daily.

      Taking finasteride in this manner will reduce your monthly costs to $2.00 or less for an FDA approved hair growth drug that typically cost $65.00-$70.00 or more a month. And if $2.00 a month is too much than there are several legitimate generic sources of Proscar/Propecia, such as that made by Cipla, for as low as $25.00 for 30, 5mg tablets (compared to $70.00 for brand name Proscar)

      As mentioned ,using finasteride to lower serum DHT is not necessary when using our treatment protocol,, but some opt to do so nevertheless.

      Our protocol goes well beyond lowering serum DHT, (which it does quite effectively). It inhibits inflammation DHT binding and the enzyme 17betahydroxysteroid dehydrogenase, reduces Androstenedione and Prolactin, raises SHBG, restores microcapillary perfusion, removes and reduces harmful estrogens and gives significant health promoting, anti-aging benefits.

      If you do elect to use finasteride , there are compounds in our protocol that will help ameliorate the side effects. You can email,, or speak to an advisor,1-888-577-4247, to get the specifics.

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