Clients at time complain that MPB Research attempts to go too far in its quest to treat hair loss by any available means. Some are content to hang onto or slow down hair loss so they can have at least “some” hair into their old age.

      We openly acknowledge that we will do anything to maintain or grow hair up to any age and that we are striving to eliminate hair loss (including age related “senescent” thinning) as an inevitable consequence of human aging.

      Here is my reply to those who feel our approach is overzealous.

      “Who do you want to trust your hair to ?? Pharmaceutical companies that only want to sell you minimally effective and side effect prone drugs?? Apathetic doctors who only offer Rogaine and Propecia?? Commercial supplement companies who spend no time on hair loss research, nor provide anything but a bottle of pills for your money?

Try calling any doctor, pharmaceutical, or vitamin company and see how willing they are to talk to you at any length about your hair loss problem.

      My message is that if all someone wants to do is simply retain their hair into old age they should still contact an organization that takes the most aggressive (and health promoting) measures to achieve significant regrowth of hair already lost. More timid FDA “approved” approaches to hair loss treatment are minimally and transiently effective at best, and although you will slow down hair loss, its progression, due to tolerance, will eventually continue.

      For instance, even you are only looking for hair retention, who would you rather trust??

      -Doctors and Dermatologists who see you only at their office, only spend up to 5 minutes with you discussing your problem, and then hit you with a $100.00 plus consultation fee??

      Pharmaceutical and commercial supplement companies who could care less about your personal hair loss treatment regime and do nothing beyond the minimum when selling you a product or device.

      The only organization on earth with an ongoing specialization in hair loss treatment that is `willing to employ any health promoting nontoxic measure when trying to help people keep their hair as long as they live.

      In today’s world, the vast majority of the public chooses the first option. The inevitable consequence for accepting mediocre hair loss treatment is the guaranteed progression of hormone and age related hair loss, as run of the mill, “FDA approved” attempts to treat hair loss are transiently effective at best.

      Enlightened individuals who choose the second option, on the other hand, take advantage of the full spectrum of available treatment methods recommended by MPB Research.

      Retaining ones hair throughout ones life requires aggressive intervention. If hair loss is to be indefinitely forestalled, a comprehensive hair maintenance program that addresses a multiplicity of factors must be followed. We regret to say it but simply using Rogaine, Nizoral Shampoo and/or Propecia (which some erroneously term “The Big Three” ) is not going to do it.

      We at MPB Research view mere life long hair retention, for those who already have some degree of hair loss, as a failure, whereas the current medical profession doesn’t even pretend to be striving for this modest objective.

      Whether you want to simply retain your hair, or are seeking to regain your hair to its original state prior to hair loss, we think there are compelling reasons to continually monitor the information available on our site.

      You can also call and discuss your personal regime in a relaxed , unhurried manner with an advisor, toll free( in the U.S.), at no cost to you.