Emu Oil receives consistently positive anecdotal reports regarding its’ ability to stimulate hair growth, particularly in the frontal hair line, which is traditionally much less responsive to treatment than hair loss in the crown or vertex regions. Those who began using Emu Oil typically note the onset of vellous hair growth in the hairline within weeks,that eventually becomes terminal hair growth over time with continued application. 

      As mentioned in our last update, there have been many identified and proposed mechanisms for these hair regrowth effects. Emu Oil likely addresses several of these mechanisms simultaneously, making it singularly one of the most, (if not the most) topical treatments available for Androgenetic Alopecia) AGA. Here we will detail the established mechanisms of hair loss and how Emu Oil can effectively address them. 

How Emu Oil can stimulate hair growth and prevent further loss.
Inflammation incurred damage around follicles.

      Emu Oil is an anti-inflammatory that is more potent than corticosteroids, but unlike corticosteroids, does not damage skin, blocks damage by inflammatory cytokines and free radicals.

Miniturization of the hair follicles

      Emu Oil increases follicle size and produces a thicker hair.

The shortening of the Anagen (growth) Cycle seen in AGA, which gradually miniaturizes follicles.

      Emu Oil increases follicle cell proliferation.

Diminished micro-capillary perfusion (blood supply).

      Emu Oil increases circulation and facilitates new capillary formation.

DHT Accumulation, increased 5 alpha reductase Activity.

      The fatty acids in Emu Oil are inhibitors of 5 alpha reductase and DHT production.

Cutaneous fat layer decreases with advancing age.

      Emu Oil increasese the cutaneous fat layer creating more robust , larger, better nourished hair follicles.

Graying Hair

       Emu Oil stimulates melanogenesis,( the production of melanin). 

Thinner Scalp

      Emu Oil thickens dermis which is thinner in areas affected by AGA.

      Emu Oil has been demonstrated to be the best penetrating of all commercially available topical oils and cosmetics, making it in addition to its singular effectiveness, an excellent trans-dermal carrier for other added hair growth ingredients.