To summarize our suggestions for thicker, healthier hair, increased hair count and a potential darkening of grey hair, in order of what we think is most effective:

Emu Oil One or more topical applications day or night. Rationale: Topical Emu Oil exhibits a profound anti-inflammatory effect stimulating rapid growth. Vellous growth is typically seen in a matter of weeks, becoming terminal with continued use. Especially effective in the hair line.

Optimized Resveratrol– 250 mg. One capsule. Rationale: Works as an adjunct with Super BioCurcumin to neutralize neurogenic inflammation to stimulate hair growth. Also has other mechanisms that promote hair growth.

Curcumin Elite– 400 mg. One capsule. Rationale: Reduces TGF-B1, the primary inflammatory messenger involved in Androgenetic hair loss. Also inhibits 5 alpha reductase type 1 and 2. Works in concert with Resveratrol to radically reduce neurogenic inflammation.

Theaflavin (Black Tea) Extract– 350 mg. Two – Three capsules. Rationale: Reduces serum DHT in animal models by 72%. People reporting significant drops in their own blood levels of DHT of 50% or greater with just 1 capsule.

Taurine– 1000 mg. One capsule. Rationale: Prevents and treats fibrosis in the hair follicles, which has been implicated as the primary causative factor in long standing hair loss. Combined with Phytosterols, Green Tea Extract and Grape Seed Extract, it is Patented by L’Oreal as an oral treatment for hair loss in Europe for both genders.

Grape Seed Extract– 100 mg. One capsule. Rationale: Enhances and protects peripheral micro-circulation to the hair follicles, the diminishment of which is responsible for senescent or age related thinning. Combined with Taurine and Green Tea in a European hair loss treatment patented by L’Oreal.

Super Absorbable Soy Isoflavones– 435 mg. One capsule. Rationale: Rapidly lowers serum levels of DHT, dramatically when combined with Green Tea Extract. Facilitates the production of Equol, a naturally occurring antiandrogen which “handcuffs” DHT, with continued use. Production of Equol is further enhanced with the concurrent use of Green Tea and Sea Vegetables.

Mega Green Tea Extract– 725 mg. One capsule. Rationale: Provides potent antioxidant activity, reducing androgen induced inflammation. Normalizes SHBG levels, which are lower in those with androgen mediated hair loss. Is used in conjunction with Taurine as a patented treatment for hair loss by L’OREAL. Sharply reduces serum DHT (by 80% in mammal models) when combined with Soy Isoflavones.

Super Absorbable Tocotrienols– 250 mg. Two capsules in divided doses. Rationale: Combats the underlying causes of hair loss, supporting otherwise healthy hair follicles that genetic disposition, advancing age, high concentrations of DHT (the male hormone dihydrotestosterone), and inflammation mediated fibrosis may cause to weaken, degrade or shrink. Super-Absorbable Tocotrienols, a natural, orally administered, bio-enhanced tocotrienol complex, can be taken to maintain youthful hair thickness and growth.

Ultra Natural Prostate Formula– (Men Only) Two capsules. Rationale: A multi-component side effect free, anti-androgen that blocks DHT production, inhibits DHT binding at receptor sites, body wide. It also lowers Androstenedione, a prominent, often unaccounted for, androgen, involved in balding via the usage of the enterolactone precursors Flax and Norway Spruce lignans. Boswella, a 5 LOX inhibitor also reduces androgen mediated inflammation.

Branched Chain Amino Acids– Rationale: (L-Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine)-replenishes membrane potential, enhances cellular protein synthesis, and like Minoxidil, stimulates the synthesis of potassium channels in hair cells.

Optimized Carnitine– Two capsules. Rationale: Stimulates hair shaft elongation and reduces hair cell death. Facilitates hair growth by up-regulation of proliferation and down regulation of apoptosis in follicular keratinocytes. It was quoted by a German research team as being a “well tolerated, relatively safe adjuvant treatment in the management of Androgenetic Alopecia and other forms of hair loss.

Lysine– 2100 mg. a day. Rationale: In studies done by Dr Rushton, a many times published researcher from the UK, Lysine significantly enhanced the hair loss treatment response to other treatments. Dr Rushton patented a combination of Lysine, Vitamin C, and Iron to be used either as a sole treatment or in combo with other treatments.

      *Get a ferritin blood test and use an iron if you need to get ferritin above 40 ng/mL with 70 ng/mL being more optimal. Whatever iron dose you and your doctor select, ask your doctor to re-test to find out if that dose brings your ferritin level up enough.

COMMENT: We have researched, and have numerous additional compounds and dietary recommendations that have documented mechanisms that will favorably impact hair growth, and counter hair loss. Having said that, even a fraction or single treatment combination from our core recommendations will suffice for many. For example, the combination of Resveratrol and Curcumin , or even Emu Oil alone, often brings the desired results. Although the totality of our array of recommendations may in fact be overkill for many, there are numerous associated cross over health and anti-aging benefits with all these recommendations. I personally would rather spend slightly more than I need to, and benefit my health in myriad ways, than deal with any amount of hair loss. Feel free to modify these core recommendations, and feel free contact us for any input about your personal regime.