L’Oreal, the France based pharmaceutical giant, along with Nestle have joined forces, and formed a cosmeceutical company “Inneov”, and as predicted, have released an oral taurine based hair loss treatment compound, named Hair Mass, for sale in Europe. Due to the daunting time constraints, and financial and regulatory hoops necessary for drug approval, Inneov has cleverly stepped just short of calling Hair Mass a treatment for hair loss.

      But don’t be misled-that’s exactly what it is. It is anything but just another Hair Vitamin

      From Inneov’s site:
      Inneov Hair Mass is the first nutritional supplement designed to energize hair, and it contains a combination of Taurine, Zinc and Catechins. Hair Mass does much more than simply supply nutrients. It was created to work from deep within the roots to actively and continuously boost the growth of thick, dense glossy hair.

      L’Oreal also had the summary abstract of a 6 month placebo controlled, double blind study on their site involving 36 women between the ages of 18-45 with thinning hair. Improvement was noted in 100% of the women receiving Hair Mass in only 7 weeks. All cases of thinning hair were apparently resolved after 6 months. 

      L-Taurine’s benefits for hair are not gender specific, the data referenced in their patent application showed benefits for men as well. The effects of fibrosis on hair do not apparently discriminate on the basis of gender. 

      It is also indicated for thinning/falling hair on their site, yet is sold as a hair cosmeceutical, not a hair loss treatment drug, saving the company years and millions of dollars in drug approval costs.

      Of significance is the fact that research teams from two international corporate giants, Nestle and L’Oreal coordinated their efforts on this project. Nestle, in particular is investing heavily in anti-aging cosmeceutical product development and research.

      We featured the original patent and its ingredients in a previous L’Oreal update.

      Hair Mass is a combination of L-Taurine (150 mg), Green Tea Extract (145mg), Zinc Gluconate (15mg), and a small amount of Grape Seed Extract. That’s really all there is to it.

      A one month supply of Hair Mass cost about $45.00 U.S. plus the cost of shipping from Europe. The beauty of this formula is that it can be readily put together in a much higher potency at a fraction of the cost. A combination of L-Taurine (1000 mg) Mega Green Tea Extract (795mg, 98%) and Zinc Methionine (OptiZinc), the most bio-available form of Zinc, 30 mg from the MPB Buyer’s Club will cost about $19.00 a month. 

      Suffice to say, oral L-Taurine in sufficient doses may in itself be one the most effective and cost effective hair loss treatments to date due to its uniquely potent anti-fibrotic effects on the hair follicle matrix and pilosebaceous unit. High doses of L-Taurine are frequently used by endurance athletes and is known to benefit cardiac and liver function. Its anti-fibrotic/anti-aging effects are not limited to hair alone. There are no side effects associated with its usage at any dose.