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      Proanthocyanidins are among nature's most potent antioxidants. They have been strongly recommended by several researchers, most notably Dr. Masquelier, as an internal "anti-wrinkle" therapy, and are thought to possess some properties that would make them beneficial for hair growth as well. L'Oreal claimed positive hair growth results in a patent application from using oral Grape Seed Skin Extract/Resveratrol. Theoretically this makes a lot of sense. In addition to its numerous other benefits, Grape Seed Skin Extract has been shown to bind to collagen fibers, increasing elasticity and flexibility in muscles, tendons, ligaments, and skin. Most significantly, for hair, it acts as a smooth muscle relaxant in blood vessels and microcapillarys, possibly preventing or offsetting damage to the hair follicle blood supply. A patent was issued to a Japanese firm for Grape Seed Extract as a hair loss treatment.

      Directions:Take 1 capsule (100 mg Grape Seed Extract, 20mg Resveratrol)daily.

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