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      Rapidly reduces circulating levels of DHT, to the point of inhibiting the balding process in many. Trials done by Merck thus far indicate that 65% of men on 1 mg. a day of Propecia will experience a 15% increase in the total number of hairs on their head. Most subjects who grew no hair achieved an almost immediate stabilization of hair loss. The latest data indicate that Propecia works best for two years, and then its effects gradually diminish. Those on Propecia however, are significantly improved compared to those on the placebo. Propecia appears to grow hair primarily in the vertex and minimally in frontal areas. Keep in mind that nearly all of the existing studies on Propecia are industry sponsored, meaning the results and side effect incidence statistics are probably somewhat skewed in an optimistic direction.

      Proscar is identical to Propecia, the active ingredient in both is finasteride. Propecia contains 1 mg. of finasteride, Proscar contains 5 mg. of finasteride. It is much more cost effective to obtain Proscar and quarter the tablets into 1.25 mg. of finasteride than it is to pay for Propecia. The cost of both Propecia and Proscar are roughly the same, about 65 dollars for 30 tablets.

Side Effects: Loss of libido, penile impotence, gynocomastia (breast enlargement in males), reflex hyperandrogenecity (increased shedding,acne). The incidence of sexual side effects is likely much higher than the 2% reported in the PDR. If you are one of the people who are affected and therefore cannot take Propecia, there are more advanced phyto-sterol formulas that are equally, if not more efficacious than Propecia, due to their ability to simultaneously address multiple mechanisms. If you feel you must use Propecia to maintain hair growth, but are concerned with side effects, you can use it in conjunction with Natural phyto-Estrogen w/Pomegranate Extract to ameliorate or prevent side effects.



-1 mg finasteride every other day if used alone

-.5 mg every third day if used in conjunction with any systemic compound from our Primary Treatment recommendations.

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