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Super Absorbable Isoflavones

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Soy Isoflavone extracts have been shown to possess mild phytoestrogenic properties which can neutralize androgen mediated pathologies in the body.  Several biotech firms have applied for patents for oral soy extracts as a treatment and preventative agents for male and female pattern hair loss.

     Soy extract prevents the hair loss effect of testosterone by inhibiting the binding of testosterone to the hair and scalp receptor. Soy extracts also raise systemic levels of sex hormone binding globulin(SHBG), and upregulate VEGF(vascular endothelium growth factor).  A recently published study showed that merely consuming soy milk and small amounts of soy protein significantly lowered blood levels of DHT.  Oral soy extracts can be combined with other pharmaceutical treatments for hair loss without adversely affecting the beneficial and positive effects of such treatments.

     In a recently granted patent for oral soy extract as a treatment for MPB, a dosage of 400 to 450 mg. was recommended.  Super Absorbable Soy Isoflavones is the most potent and bioavailable soy extract commercially available.  Each capsule provides 135 mg. of highly concentrated isoflavones, including genestein, diadzein, and glyciten, and is combined with Natto, a fermented extract that facilitates absorption.

     Directions:  For the treatment or prevention of hair loss, 1-2 capsules daily is suggested.

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