Making Hair Loss Optional

About MPB Research

MPB Research is an organization whose long range goal is to make hormone related, pattern hair loss optional, not inevitable! In seeking to control hair loss, in the present by any means necessary, we also have an associated commitment to the radical extension of youthful appearance and functionality. MPB Research was officially licensed in 1999, but its founder has been involved in anti-aging, hair loss research since 1984. 

M.P.B. Research provides you with “inside” information about hair growth research, treatments, and drugs from medical centers, universities, patent registries, the medical literature, and companies throughout the world.  This includes the latest up to the minute findings on treatments to prevent and reverse male pattern balding, a very real concern for most men over 30.

Emu Oil Hair-loss and Frontal Regrowth

Of all the compounds so far recommended in our treatment protocol topical Emu Oil has consistently gotten the most positive feedback in regards to frontal regrowth, with many users experiencing the initiation of vellous (fuzz) growth within weeks.

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Anti-Aging Coaching

We are currently expanding the scope of our hair loss advisory service to include anti-aging. In addition to resolving hairloss, Kelly is now providing in person prompt research backed input with regards to age reversal – at no charge!