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     It all started at JC Penney in San Antonio sometime in '84. I was trying on some pants and was in front of one of the 3 way mirrors. I noticed my hairline around the temples was just starting to fade back, even if only slightly. I forgot about the pants and drove home with a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. Sometime later I went to a dermatologist, some obese jerk who himself was going bald. For a hundred dollars and "lab tests" he told me he had good news that I had nothing to worry about, it was only male pattern baldness, when I asked him if there was anything I could do about "that", he laughed and said it's genetic, there's nothing you can do, you'll probably be pretty bald in about 10-15 years. Several subsequent visits to doctors lead me to the realization that I was completely on my own, and that if anything could be done, I'd have to find out about it myself.

     A psychosis set in that has been intact ever since... I refused to go bald or even be stuck with partially receded hairline. I work out, take vitamins, herbs, do yoga, run, do life extension research, why should all my efforts be half wrecked by all this B.S..??

     Hair loss treatment became and continues to be my number one obsession…I would personally rather have a full head of hair and drive a jalopy, and live in a flop house, than be balding and have fancier "toys", not that these are necessarily mutually exclusive propositions.

     Fortunately, up to this point, my "obsession", or narcissistic psychoses has, I feel, paid off. I have more hair now than I did in '84. I do not consider myself to be a "normal" individual; I spend approximately $185.00 a month on hair growth products and nutrients. My current personal program consists of Propecia, Nizoral, Folligen, Dr. Proctor's Advanced Hair regrowth formula, Dr. Proctor's Hair regrowth shampoo (every third day), Natural Prostate Formula, Root Food (a cysteine based hair vitamin), Bio Sil (silicon), Green Tea Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Bilberry Extract, Ginkgo Biloba Extract, Zinc Methionine, Ginseng, garlic, flax oil, GLA, L-lysine, MSM not to mention head stands and scalp massage. I am admittedly a self absorbed, sick individual…with a full head of hair.

     If you are the type of individual who thinks you should only believe what your "doctor" says then this website is not for you. I'll see you at the Hair Club for Men, which is where you'll no doubt end up. If you are however, the type of neurotically obsessed individual who will stop at nothing to save and grow hair, welcome to the family.