In this update we will present both excerpts and a direct link to the original patent application (2006) that was filed by an Italian Research group that detailed the proposed mechanisms and documented hair growth stimulation effects on the orally consumed combination of Resveratrol and Curcumin. 

      Since this patent was published, we have recommended using the combination of Resveratrol and Curcumin in their updated, and more potent and bio-available forms, (Optimized Resveratrol and Super BioCurcumin, 1 capsule a day each) than the older versions referenced. The feedback from those who adhere to this recommendation has been resoundingly positive, and there are many who use it successfully as a sole intervention.

      Following is a link to the patent in its entirety followed by some select excerpts which shed some light on the basis of our deciding to quickly recommend it upon its publication: 

      Original Patent: Pharmaceutical composition comprising curcumin and resveratrol and uses thereof in medical field

The present invention deals with a pharmaceutical composition comprising Curcumin and Resveratrol and uses thereof in medical field.

Moreover, in the Central Nervous System there are various receptors of capsaicinoids and this could explain the enhancement of the anti-aging action of resveratrol by curcumin.

Moreover, during this testing, the patients treated with resveratrol and curcumin surprisingly showed positive improvements in the treatment of psoriasis and the attenuation and even a stop of the hair loss, a reduction of the hair graying and the rebirth of hair in bald areas sometimes even of the original color too.

Research is progressing about the use of high dosages of Curcumin for the treatment of colon cancer, but it seems like any effect on the hair growth has been shown; Effect that instead has been obtained thanks to the administration of curcumin together with resveratrol.

Another object of the present invention is a combination comprising resveratrol and curcumin for the simultaneous, separate or sequential use in the treatment of cancer, as for example, the prostate carcinoma, in the treatment of skin diseases as psoriasis and for the prevention and the treatment of alopecia.

The interference of the hormonal action on hair loss is unquestionable, even if capsaicinoid-sensible sensory innervations are an ancestral phenomenon that does not depend on the hormonal mechanisms, but through a metabolic way different from the ordinary one. The growth and the pigmentation of the hair follicle seem to be controlled by epitelius-mesenchimoneuroechtodermmic interactions not very well known, but with an important role of the P substance on the hair growth in vivo.

COMMENT: The table presented in the patent is particularly encouraging- all (100%) of subjects, including some older males, stopped hair loss and regrew hair. Older males with longstanding hair loss are typically very resistant to exhibiting any measurable response to hair loss treatment. In this research, they exhibited responses in as little as 30 days. One can use the combination of the most bio-available forms of Resveratrol and Curcumin( Optimized Resveratrol and Super BioCurcumin, 1 capsule a day each), as either a sole treatment or easily integrated into an existing regime. The health and anti-aging benefits of this spceific combination are many.