Protocol for Women


     Women’s hair loss is in most cases a genetic predisposition to hair loss caused by an abnormal sensitivity to normal hormone levels (specifically androgens) or a natural reaction to abnormally elevated androgen (male hormone) levels.  The androgen to estrogen ratio can also shift towards favoring androgens immediately after pregnancy and during menopause.  It is during these times and during stress (which elevates androgens) that women often experience acute hair loss, clinically termed effluviums, which are typically androgenetic in nature. 

     The primary mechanism of treatment and regrowth in women essentially involves systemically normalizing the estrogen to androgen ratio, blockage of androgen action at follicle receptor sites, and the raising of blood levels of sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG).  Secondary mechanisms of treatment include the usage of hair growth stimulators, growth hormone releasing peptides, and the usage of agents that enhance microcapillary perfusion (circulation to the hair follicle).

     The following primary treatment recommendations specifically emphasize the hormonal components of hair loss unique to women.  The adjunctive recommendations neutralize other contributing mechanisms to androgenetic hair loss, which become increasingly more significant with advancing age.  Better singular treatments are continually being researched, however, the most significant results are obtainable utilizing a combination approach which addresses a multiplicity of  established factors that contribute to hair loss.


Primary Protocol

Natural Estrogen                                                    Mega Green Tea Extract

Nizoral Shampoo                                                   Super Saw Palmetto

Super Absorbable Soy Isoflavones                        Root Food

Dr. Proctor’s Hair Regrowth Formula                    L-Lysine


Adjunctive Recommendations

Emu Oil                                                                 Natural GH Formula

Bilberry Extract                                                     Folligen Spray or Cream

Dr. Protocr’s Hair Regrowth Shampoo                  Grape Seed Extract with resveratrol

Ginkgo Biloba Extract                                            Mega GLA

Viviscal                                                                 Optizinc


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