Taurine, a very low cost amino acid, can in addition to helping hair growth, do the seemingly impossible: stimulate new brain cells to grow in adults.

      In addition to its established benefits for hair growth and treating hair loss, promising new research has found that taurine promotes new brain cell formation in the area of the brain associated with learning and memory. It accomplishes this by activating dormant stem cells that have the capability of growing into different types of cells.

Taurine increases hippocampal neurogenesis in aging mice

      Taurine additionally enhances neurites, the small extensions that facilitate brain cell communication. 

      Taurine supplementation, in both animal and human studies, demonstrates a wide range of age-decelerating effects.

      Studies show dramatic improvements in cognition, memory, anxiety, depression, metabolic syndrome, arterial stiffness, and perifollicular fibrosis, which is conclusively linked to male and female pattern hair loss. 

Protective effects of taurine on human hair follicle grown in vitro

      L’Oreal patented Taurine based oral hair loss treatments for both men and women in Europe several years ago, which remains one of their best sellers.

A Hairloss Treatment Pill for Men and Women from L’Oreal 

      Their formulations are a simple combination of Taurine ( at a very low dose), Green Tea Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Beta Sitosterol and Zinc, which can be readily replicated and improved upon by using the supplements separately in higher, more potent doses. 

      A balanced hair loss treatment regime should aim at neutralizing DHT, inflammatory changes to the hair follicle, and fibrosis of the hair follicle resulting from this inflammation.

Fibrosis Leads to Destruction of Hair Follicles in Advanced cases of MPB

      The evidence and identified mechanisms for the amino acid Taurine strongly suggests that it should be included in any hair loss treatment and nootropic regime.