In this article we compare the effects of a 3 week application of Ketoconazole (Nizoral Shampoo), Minoxidil, Minoxidil – Retin A combination, and low temperature processed Emu Oil on Hair Growth.

      The following study analyzes the hair growth stimulation effects on mice (in areas with androgen diminished areas of hair growth) of the aforementioned pharmaceutical compounds , singularly, and in various combinations for a period of exactly 3 weeks, (21 days).

      We will compare those effects found in this study, with the effects of Emu Oil on hair growth stimulation, after a 19 day application in similar groups of mice, as found by Dr. Holick of Boston University Medical School .

Promotive Effect of Topical Ketoconazole, Minoxidil, and Minoxidil with Tretinoin on Hair Growth in Male Mice
Muhsin A. Aldhalimi,1 Najah R. Hadi,2 and Fadaa A. Ghafilbr

Recently topical use of 2% Ketoconazole solution has been reported to have a therapeutic effect on androgenic alopecia. Minoxidil is a vasodilatory medication used primarily as antihypertensive drug. It was discovered to have the side effect of hair growth and reversing baldness. Tretinoin is commonly used topically for acne treatment and in the treatment of photoaging. It is used by some as hair loss treatment. Objective. To compare the stimulatory effect of Ketoconazole, Minoxidil, and Minoxidil with Tretinoin on hair growth in a mouse model. Materials and Methods. Coat hairs on the dorsal skin of seven weeks old male mice were gently clipped and then stained by using commercial dye. These mice were divided into four groups each of five treated with topical application of ethanol 95%, Ketoconazole solution 2%, Minoxidil solution 5%, and Minoxidil with Tretinoin solution 0.1%, respectively. The drugs were applied once daily for three weeks, the clipped area was photographed, and the ratio of regrown coat area was calculated. Results. The results demonstrated that Ketoconazole, Minoxidil, and Minoxidil with Tretinoin had a significant stimulatory effect on hair growth compared with the control group and Minoxidil was the most effective drug among them.

      In sum the 3 week hair growth stimulation effects, as defined by both increase in areas covered by hair, and hair follicle enlargement were as follows:

      Control: (alcohol vehicle)- 1%

      Nizoral: -24%

      Minoxidil: -24%

      Minoxidil/Retin A: – 26%

      Emu Oil (Holick-19 day study): -80%

      Interestingly, according to this study, Minoxidil alone stimulated just slightly more hair growth than either Nizoral or Minoxidil /Retin A.

      Unfortunately only 38% of humans have any measurable hair growth response to Minoxidil. This is because the conversion of Minoxidil to Minoxidil sulphate is catalysed by sulphotransferase enzyme , which has to be sufficiently elevated in the scalp of humans for this conversion to occur. Although mice and macaques have this in abundance, only a minority of humans have a sufficient level to facilitate this conversion. This is the primary reason that results using minoxidil in rodents have for the large part, not been replicated in humans. 

      However the addition of Emu Oil dramatically improves the response rate to Minoxidil. 

       The hair growth effects of Nizoral, Minoxidil, and Minoxidil/Retin A, all pale in comparison to the hair growth stimulation effects of Emu Oil, in a time period that was actually 2 days shorter. 

      Although it is not surprising that the pharmaceutical agents, Minoxidil, Minoxidil/Retin A, and Ketoconazole (Nizoral) all produced hair growth, what is noteworthy is that all were far outperformed by a naturally occurring oil from the Emu.

      On that note we would highly recommend anyone with a hair loss condition use 2 % Nizoral Shampoo- 2-3 times a week, optimally rotated with a Piroctone Olamine Shampoo, 2-3 times a week. We have reservations about recommending Minoxidil, or Minoxidil /Retin A due to the disproportionate shedding upon discontinuation.

      However, if you do use Rogaine, you can likely get a much better result by using it with Emu Oil, which will enhance dermal penetration and residence time.