Emu Oil Regrowth Pictures

      Due to increased consumer demand in both cosmetic and analgesic markets, Emu Oil production has exploded across the U.S. in the last 3 years. Emu Ranches, which were largely limited to the Outback like, arid climate of the desert Southwest, have popped up all across the country. Based on trade reports, Emu Oil is being produced in very high volumes at a fast rate in most Ranch operations, making them very profitable, which is excellent news for the industry as a whole. 

      On the flipside though, there are quality control issues that are typically compromised by high volume production that have a significant impact on the oil’s anti-inflammatory and ultimately hair growth properties. Virtually all of the oil on the U.S. market is far removed from the Emu Oil used by Dr Holick that produced such dramatic hair growth results. The most significant of these issues is the issue of rendering, or processing temperature. In a nutshell, the higher the processing temperature, the lower the anti-inflammation effects. High temperature processing from a ranchers standpoint, significantly speeds up production. Low temperature processing takes much longer.

      To date, we have yet to find any American Emu Oil Ranch operations or refineries that don’t use high temperature processing, which is why we obtain ours from Australian Ranchers who specifically use low temperature processing. 

      Another issue involves the diet of the Emus. Emus that are free range roaming have phyto-chemical compounds, such as anthocyanidins, that add to the anti-inflammation benefits of the oil. Conversely, those that are confined in close quarters and given grain based feed, even if it is organic, will not give the same benefit.

      Dr. Holick, in his groundbreaking research on Emu Oil which uncovered its hair growth and skin anti-aging benefits used Emu Oil that was low temperature processed , imported from Australia, sold under the brand name, “Kalaya Oil.” Kalaya is the aboriginal word for Emus.

      In addition, various other marketing strategies have been employed to capture market share, some of which are merely ploys. Some will try to pass off “Clear Oil” as more potent or more “refined.” In actuality, properly refined Emu Oil is either light beige or pearl white. Clear oil is simply the clear portion of the unrefined oil that has been skimmed off after the oil has been standing for a few days. It is much less stable than the refined product.

      Anti-oxidants are often added as a selling point, however Emu Oil is inherently stable, and does not require the addition of anti-oxidants.

      Even though the vast bulk of Emu Oil on the market has been rendered at high temperatures, and fed on grain based feed, it will, due its’ structure still exhibit some modest anti-inflammatory effects. However the anti-inflammation effects of low temperature processed Emu Oil is much more pronounced. If someone states that they have “tried” Emu Oil for hair growth, and it “didn’t work,” they have in all probability used high temperature processed versions. 

      At MPB Research we make directly available Emu Oil from Australian Ranchers that is low temperature processed from Emus that are free range roaming. This optimizes its anti-inflammatory and hair growth effects.