The use of topical Emu Oil has grown in popularity, Dr. Holick of Boston University will soon start phase 1 trials on Emu Oil based, topical hair regrowth compounds.

     Dr. Pickart, founder of Skin Biology, and developer of Tricomin and Folligen, has formulated and Emu Oil based topical treatment with copper peptides for hair growth, and has reported that many subjects are obtaining rapid and dense regrowth.   

     Research has shown that emu oil contains a high level of linolenic acid which further researchhas shown to be an efficient antiandrogen. Linolenic acid is a potent 5 alpha reductase inhibitor and may be usefull in the treatment of disorders related to the hormone Dihydrotestosterone. Linolenic Acid has been suggested to be of use in the disorders such as benign prostratic hyperplasma, acne androgenetic alopecia and hirsuitism.

And hair restoration products which contain Emu Oil have been recently patented.

     Studies in which Emu oil was applied to mice demonstrated that the topical application of emu oil increased the synthesis of DNA in the epidermis which is a measure of increase in the proliferative activity of the epidermis. The increase in pigmentation and hair of animals receiving emu oil demonstrates that the topical application of emu oil can stimulate melanogenesis and hair follicle development and growth. The histological analysis demonstrating an increase in the thickness of the epidermis and size and length of the hair follicle provides strong evidence that the topical application of emu oil stimulates skin growth, hair growth and induces the proliferation of the cells around the hair follicle.