Dr. Coen Gho is a dermatological researcher in Holland who developed a process called hair multiplication. He has a patented technique, whereby he takes 1-2 healthy donor hairs, extracts some of the growing hair cell matter, cultivates it in a lab, and injects it back into the scalp  where it will develop into an unlimited number of hair producing follicles.

     There has lately been a lot of speculation that he is ready to start performing procedures. On the contrary though, we have information that indicates the opposite – that his procedure is not quite ready yet.

     Will Gerritson, the journalist who originally featured Dr. Gho in 98’ in the European Press, contacted various organizations with the latest information.  Following is his


     “Dr. Gho and I agreed upon him contacting me within a year and a half, as soon as there’s a breakthrough.  He has made progression, but is still having some difficulties with the protocol.  I suggest you follow our site, www.limburger.nl on Wednesdays.  This is the day when we publish our weekly extra edition, Scala-Health.