In our latest updates we have detailed various treatments that have appeared in either the patent registry or medical literature. We will give a brief synopsis of several here that are easy to implement, look very promising, and give multiple health and anti-aging benefits.

      Bear in mind that it currently costs approximately 300-400 thousand dollars to obtain a patent in the health field, so it is likely that a significant degree of efficacy has been found by the researchers or company prior to choosing to proceed with a patent application.

L-Taurine/Green Tea/Zinc
      Patented by L’Oreal as a combination oral treatment for thinning hair. It is sold as “Hair Mass” in Europe by Inneov-a cosmeceutical company formed as joint venture by Nestle and L’Oreal, for the sole purpose of marketing this product. Hair Mass cost approximately $50.00 U.S. for a 1 month supply. It works by inhibiting fibrosis of the pilosebaceous unit, and down regulating androgens involved in the balding process. All of these ingredients are singularly available at much higher doses and for much less money than what is patented.

      A recent Japanese study in the medical literature detailed the profound hair growing effects of this combination. Its hair growth effects are likely due to Substance P release, DHT reduction, and peripheral effects on IGF-1. Our recommendation would be to use a fermented Soy Isoflavone compound with Natto, and at least 500-1000 mg. of Cayenne pepper.

      Patented by Italian researchers, under the name “Capsures” As detailed in this current update, its hair growth effects are likely due to androgen/aromatase regulation via resveratrol, and Substance P release via Curcumin Extract. As with the other compounds it is readily available in higher doses and in forms that facilitate superior absorption.