MPB Research is an organization whose long range goal is to make hormone related, pattern hairloss optional, not inevitable!

In seeking to control hairloss, in the present by any means necessary, we also have an associated commitment to the radical extension of youthful appearance and functionality.
MPB Research was officially licensed in 1999, but its founder has been involved in antiaging, hairloss research since 1984.

M.P.B. Research provides you with “inside” information about hair growth research, treatments, and drugs from medical centers, universities, patent registries, the medical literature, and companies throughout the world. This includes the latest up to the minute findings on treatments to prevent and reverse male pattern balding, a very real concern for most men over 30.

Because pattern hair loss is so widespread, and affects both men and women, M.P.B. Research exclusively deals with hair loss research, nothing else.

M.P.B. Research does not represent any company or endorse any product. When possible, we provide you with information about what we feel are legitimately documented hair loss treatments allowing you to decide for yourself on the basis of the research or technology represented.

We provide you direct access to clinically established hair loss treatments at significantly lower than normal retail prices through our M.P.B. Buyer’s Club, the only buyer’s club of its kind in the world.

Some of the most effective hair loss treatments are not available in the U.S. without a doctor’s prescription. At M.P.B. Research you can find out how to legally obtain these treatments without a prescription at discount prices from reliable offshore companies.