Everyone, balding or not, sheds a certain amount of hair on a daily basis. 150-200 hairs a day is considered “normal”.

      Those with AGA, even during treatment, tend to go through acute shedding phases (termed “effluviums”) which far exceed what would be considered normal daily shedding. “Sheds”, although not terribly significant in the long term context of hair loss or treatment, can be very disconcerting and frustrating to encounter from time to time.

      Fortunately there are low cost vitamins and minerals that are reportedly reliably effective at quickly bringing these “sheds” under control.

      Biotin-Biotin has been touted for years as a hair vitamin. It has multiple health indications and functions in the body. For cessation of shedding it should be used in a high dose, about 5,000 mcg (NOT mg). To obtain this dose you’ll have to use a powder form. After you have stabilized shedding you can discontinue usage, and then use intermittently as needed.

      Inositol Powder-A membrane stabilizer that has calming, antidepressant properties, that is also reported to quickly reduce shedding. 1-4 grams is the amount generally used.

      Selenium- M.I.T. educated, author of Life Extension, a Practical Scientific Approach, Durk Pearson made mention of the prophylactic effects antioxidant supplementation made on shedding in the chapter, “Male Pattern Baldness, and What You Can do About it”. He noted that when antioxidant supplementation is discontinued, a distinctly noticeable increase in hair shedding occurs within a week or 2. He stated that selenium in particular played a preventative role. For shedding prevention, 200mcg of a Selenium complex would be indicated.

      Life Extension was published in 1982. Durk Pearson, has since maintained all of his hair, albeit gray, despite having very pronounced genes for MPB. He fortunately designed a Hair Vitamin reflecting his research into MPB, “Root Food”, which is loaded with antioxidants and amino acids, which decrease shedding and increase hair growth rate. He additionally maintained that occasional use of a Selenium Sulphide shampoo, such as Selsun Blue, helped with shedding.

      Zinc-Supplementing a higher dose of Zinc than you get in a multiple vitamin reportedly halts excessive shedding. The “RDA” is 15mg, however to reduce shedding at least 30mg or more is recommended. Always take with food, as Zinc on an empty stomach is incredibly nauseating.

      Again, a small amount of shedding on a daily basis is normal, even in those with luxuriously full heads of hair. So don’t obsess about every strand in the shower. If shedding accelerates for whatever reason, temporarily load up on some or all of above until it subsides, which it likely will.