Huge quality (and hair growth potential) difference in commercially available Emu Oils

We often encounter those who have tried Emu Oil in the past with little to no success in stimulating hair growth. It is unfortunate, because Emu Oil when properly rendered and processed, can have profound hair growth stimulation effects, in addition to other therapeutic benefits.

Dr. Holick , who conducted the groundbreaking research on Emu Oil and its dermatological benefits, including hair growth, used an Emu Oil that was imported from Australia. Why would this be significant you rightfully ask? On the surface it would seem that point of origin would be irrelevant, as Emu Oil , regardless of how it is processed virtually looks the same.

The differences

The Australian Emu industry generally produces an oil that for several reasons, has higher standards compared to Emu oil produced in other countries. To begin with, most of the oil produced outside of Australia comes from genetically inferior ( although much cheaper) ex-zoo stock, and uses out dated and now scientifically invalidated production techniques a typical example being the frequently touted claim from many American Emu Ranches that their oil is triple refined, or super refined, and/or certified.

These techniques subject one of the most effective natural anti-inflammatory and cosmetic ingredients that nature has uniquely bonded together, to an un-natural and molecularly destructive process that utilizes high temperatures. These widely used methodology typically produces a potentially free radical generating, toxic oil that is better suited for an Auto parts store.

To elaborate on this a bit further, there are real problems when even the most naturally stable of oils (which Emu Oil is) are exposed to high temperatures. The scientific community is well aware of the dangers of both animal and vegetable fats and oils that are subjected to high processing temperatures, even for the shortest period of time. This directly causes a breakdown of the natural molecular structure of Emu Oil, greatly diminishing its therapeutic effects.

At MPB Research, our Australian supplier of oil uses a unique low temperature rendering system . We know for a fact that there is no scientific rationale to Triple refine or Super refine Emu oil, in fact doing so is highly counter-productive. Simply put, when Emu oil goes through these processes, it loses its structure and effectiveness. Low temperature processed Emu Oil is listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) for the treatment dermatological inflammatory conditions, of which Androgenetic Alopecia (MPB) is established to be. The rendering process of our supplier produces an oil which while being 100% free from impurities, maintains an identical molecular structure as the raw, natural fat, used by the indigenous Aboriginal population for medicinal reasons thousands of years.