In an earlier update, several years ago we detailed a patented combination of Lysine, Iron, and Vitamin C developed by Dr. Rushton as an adjunctive treatment for hormonal hair loss. Subsequent to this update, many have integrated Lysine by itself into their treatment regimes and most have reported an almost immediate cessation of shedding. Dr. Rushton was unable to concisely elucidate the mechanism by which Lysine produced such an effect, and recommended using it in conjunction with other existing treatments. This study on its positive effects on anxiety may possibly shed some light on its positive effects in regards to stress related and hormonal hair loss. 

Biomed Res. 2007 Apr;28(2):85-90.

Oral treatment with L-lysine and L-arginine reduces anxiety and basal cortisol levels in healthy humans.Smriga M, Ando T, Akutsu M, Furukawa Y, Miwa K, Morinaga Y.

Institute of Life Sciences, Ajimoto Co. Inc, 1-1 Suzuki-cho, 210-8681 Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Japan.

Dietary supplementation with an essential amino acid L-lysine has been shown to reduce chronic anxiety in humans with low dietary intake of L-lysine. A combination of L-lysine and L-arginine has been documented to normalize hormonal stress responses in humans with high trait anxiety. The present study was carried out in one hundred eight healthy Japanese adults. The aim of study was to find out whether a week-long oral treatment with L-lysine (2.64 g per day) and L-arginine (2.64 g per day) reduces trait and stress-induced state anxiety and basal levels of stress hormones. We confirmed that, without regard to gender, the amino acid treatment significantly reduced both trait anxiety and state anxiety induced by cognitive stress battery. In addition, we found that the treatment with L-lysine and L-arginine decreased the basal levels of salivary cortisol and chromogranin-A (a salivary marker of the sympatho-adrenal system) in male subjects. These results of this double-blind, placebo controlled and randomized study confirm the previous findings in humans and animals and point to a combination of L-lysine and L-arginine as a potentially useful dietary intervention in otherwise healthy humans with high subjective levels of mental stress and anxiety.

      It has been established that people with hormonal hair loss have elevated levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. Lysine appears to help lower cortisol. 

      Human Growth Hormone (HGH) administration produces scalp hair growth in aging humans, whose hair has thinned out due to hormones and age related thinning. Dr. Ronald Klatz, an authority on Growth Hormone states “HGH appears to have a tonic effect on hair. While there is no published data (our emphasis), patients report improvement in the quality of the hair. The self-assessment performed by 202 patients in one study reported a high percentage reported new scalp hair growth. Other patients stated that their hair was regaining its original colour .” 

      An interesting thing about the combination of Lysine and Arginine is that it’s been documented that it increases growth hormone release by a factor of 10 over arginine alone. It is possible that Lysine’s ability to increase HGH may at least partially explain its positive effects on hair. 

      Stress, via neurogenic inflammation is a known cause and aggravator of hair loss. The oral combination of Resveratrol/Curcumin is a potent and patented treatment for resolving this inflammation and initiating hair regrowth. This study suggest that Lysine, in combination with Arginine may be useful for this type of hair loss as well. 

      Lysine is a dirt cheap, cost negligible intervention that can significantly reduce stress, enhance immune function, and the efficacy of any existing hair loss treatment regime. There is a sound rationale and evidence for its inclusion.