The following photos were sent to us by one of our e-newsletter subscribers that shows some readily visible evidence of hair regrowth in response to a treatment regime that is simply comprised of topical Emu Oil, scalp massage, and daily brushing with a Boar bristle brush, that reportedly stimulates skin repair mechanisms. What makes these photos especially revealing is the short, shaven down hair that makes the scalp completely visible. The top right and bottom left photos are the after shots.

Emu oil brushing, massage 1

Emu oil brushing, massage 2

      Although he was doing both scalp massage and Boar Bristle Brushing in addition to Emu Oil applications, theses photos generally reflect the feedback we consistently get regarding consistently applied, low temperature processed Emu Oil: A relatively rapid onset of vellous hair growth which becomes terminal over time.

      Regrowth, as evidenced by these photos, can often be generated by even a modest regime. Faster and more thorough results can generally be obtained by more comprehensive treatment regimes, which incorporate systemic components that neutralize DHT, fibrosis, peri-follicular inflammation, and diminished Potassium Ion Channel Function, and additional topical components that stimulate hair growth factor in the blood vessel linings. Low temperature processed Emu Oil can either be used as sole treatment, or an adjunct to both Natural and Pharmaceutical Hair Loss treatment regimes.

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      Especially encouraging to many is the fact that these results can be obtained without the use of marginally effective drugs that either create long term shedding upon cessation or sexual and cognitive dysfunction.