DS Labs recently released a long awaited oral treatment for hair loss that complements their highly regarded Revita Shampoo, and Spectral DNC topical treatment. The feedback we’ve received on this addition has been uniformly positive, which is not surprising given that it combines multiple ingredients that even singularly, have been shown to effectively counter hair loss. If you haven’t heard of DS Labs, they offer several viable options for dealing with hair loss, and collaborate with Dr. Antonella Tosti, an acclaimed dermatologist from Italy who is at the forefront of hair loss treatment, and is in our opinion light years ahead of most US Dermatologist, who continue to anemically recommend little to nothing more than Rogaine and the side effect laden, Propecia.

      As with several well founded Nutraceutical interventions that have been formulated over the years, the efficacy and cost effectiveness of Revita tablets can be significantly improved upon by combining the individual components at higher doses.

      In the case of Revita tablets you can significantly enhance the hair growth effects of this formulation by separately combining:

      1 Super Absorbable Soy Isoflavones: Novasoy Isoflavone concentrate, 135 mg, SoyNatto 435 mg

      1 Applewise: 50% Polyphenol Extract 600 mg

      1 Vitamin D3: Cholecalciferol 5,000 IU

      1 Melatonin: 3 mg

      1 Palmetto Guard: CO2 Extract of Saw Palmetto 320 mg, 150 mg Beta Sitosterol 

      As you may already know, Soy Isoflavones both inhibits 5 alpha reductase, reduces DHT binding to peripheral receptor sites, and lower blood levels of DHT. Epidemiological studies have shown a correlation between dietary soy consumption and markedly reduced incidence of both male and female pattern hair loss, (AGA).

      Apple polyphenols in supplement form have been shown to stimulate hair growth. AppleMets is an oral Apple polyphenol supplement (50% Extract, 400 mg) recently released in Italy as a treatment for AGA.

      Vitamin D3, both blood levels of and receptors play a role in hair cycling, and data have shown an association between low D3 levels and an increased incidence of AGA.

      Both Saw Palmetto Extract and Beta Sitosterol by themselves have an established track record as being effective hair loss treatments. Like Soy Isoflavones, they inhibit DHT binding to receptors and reduce blood levels of DHT. These effects are significantly more pronounced when either one or both are combined with Astaxanthin, which quells inflammation, and further drives down DHT levels.

      Melatonin supplementation has been used for years as a reliable way to reduce shedding and stimulate both wool and fur growth in animals. Topical Melatonin has been shown to reverse the course of hormonal hair loss in women.

      Due to the presence of Melatonin is this nutraceutical combination, it is recommended that it only be used in the evening before retiring. This statement was curiously omitted from the product directions.

      A just released medical literature review concluded that plant based medicines present many viable treatment options for AGA.

Herbal Medicines for Treatment of Androgenic Alopecia

      Revita Tablets are a very well conceived nutraceutical intervention to address AGA. Dr Tosti, and the research team at DS Labs have validated some of our long standing recommendations.