There is an ever accumulating body of conclusive research showing that taurine supplementation benefits a variety of age related medical conditions, including both stress related and Androgenetic Alopecia. 

      Taurine supplementation is demonstrated to have benefit for:

      •Cognitive performance


      •Hypertension reduction

      •Reducing high cholesterol

      •Improving certain behavioral parameters of autism

      •Improving athletic performance, involving fast twitch muscle fiber

So What Does Taurine Do For Hair Regrowth?

      Several studies have conclusively demonstrated that taurine blunts the effects of TGF-B on the hair follicle as well as facilitating an indefinite hair cell survival.

      Aptly termed the “hair follicle assassin” in a recent update by New Health and Longevity, transforming growth factor beta 1, (tgf-b one) and its apparently pivotal role in hair loss, has been stimulating a lot of interest in the scientific community of late. 

      Tgf-b 1 is part of a cytokine super-family in mammals that contains some 30 members. These dimeric proteins regulate the proliferation and apoptosis (destruction) in many cell types and have a central role in the inflammation that is associated with hair follicle miniaturization, fibrosis (rigidification), and its eventual loss.

      Numerous researchers have directly implicated tgf-b1, and its localized effects on the hair follicles as the singularly most significant factor in androgenetic alopecia.

      A study published in 2013 describes androgenetic alopecia as a “modern malady” that is exacerbated by stress in all its forms.

      The effects of taurine were assessed with hair loss that was linked to chemical stress agents. A significantly positive response to taurine supplementation was found not only with a stoppage of hair loss, but better stress adaptation as well. It was concluded that taurine by itself can help with hair loss, or when used concurrently with other treatments. 

      Research published in 2008 evaluated taurine’s effects on TGF-b. The researchers used taurine on in-vitro hair follicles. It was demonstrated that taurine shields the hair follicle from the catabolic effects of (TGF)-β1, in addition to promoting hair survival.

      (TGF)-β1 plays a pivotal role in the fibrosis of hair follicle and its progressive miniaturization, seen in Androgenetic Alopecia. In fact it has been conclusively shown that TGF-b directly contributes to the hair growth suppression seen in MPB.

The Anti-Inflammation Effects of Taurine;

      Inflammation plays a major role in male pattern hair loss, caused by DHT.

      The pronounced anti-inflammation effects of Taurine supplementation reduce or eliminate micro-inflammation, whether DHT induced (as in the case of MPB), or due to scarring alopecia.

      Numerous studies have shown Taurine to have anti-oxidant effects, and inhibit an array of pro-inflammatory mediators, implying a potential cure for psoriasis, eczema, alopecia areata, vitiligo, and other auto-immune disorders. In Androgenetic Alopecia, TGF-B is stimulated by DHT in the dermal papilla. TGF-B inhibitors reverse this process by preventing miniaturization and promote the elongation of the hair follicle.

      TGF-B plays a key role in formation of fibrosis, which is essentially a collagen rigidification in response to long standing inflammation, which is an established mechanism in MPB. Taurine supplementation has been shown to prevent the formation of, and ameliorate existing fibrosis in many organ systems, including pulmonary fibrosis, cystic fibrosis, renal fibrosis, liver fibrosis, Tylenol toxicity, alcohol liver related damage, and the “perifollicular” fibrosis seen in MPB.

Fibrosis Leads to Destruction of Hair Follicles in Advanced cases of MPB

      One particular study assessing the effects of taurine supplementation on “hair fragility” on 20 women between 20 to 68 years of age who had increased shedding and visible thinning demonstrated that a very modest daily supplementary intake of taurine 150mg, Catechin 75mg and Zinc 15mg reversed the thinning process. 95% of the female subjects showed a visible improvement in hair densification and a measurable increase in hair diameter.

More Evidence for Taurine

      Taurine is the primary ingredient in L’Oreal’s “Hair Mass,” and “Hair Mass for Men”

A Hairloss Treatment Pill for Men and Women from L’Oreal

Nestle and L’Oreal Launch a New Taurine Based Pill for Hairloss

      We recommend using a much higher dose of Taurine, upwards of 1,000 mg, that is consistent with the dose used in treating multiple other fibrosis conditions in the published research. There is no known upper limit toxicity associated with Taurine supplementation. In fact all available evidence suggests that more is better. 

      There are also other compounds that we have been recommending for hair growth that reliably inhibit TGF-B. These include Super Bio-Curcumin, and Grape Seed Extract. 

Curcumin Use Reinforced For Hairloss Treatment

      Taurine is very inexpensive, and can be readily integrated into any hair loss treatment regime.