Tocotrienols together with tocopherols compose the vitamin E family. Natural tocotrienols exist in four different forms or isomers, named alpha-, beta-, gamma- and delta- tocotrienol, which contain different number of methyl groups on the chromanol ring.

      Palm oil is the largest natural source of tocotrienols. Other good source is coconut oil. Tocotrienols can be obtained from natural sources using general procedures, labeled as d-tocotrienols. Tocotrienols concentrates and isomers can be obtained through purification processes. These procedures are intricate and difficult to do on a large scale. However, some companies have achieved a breakthrough in isolating and purifying natural tocotrienols.

      There are many health benefits associated with tocotrienols. These include prevention and treatment applications for arterial blockage, diabetes, stroke injuries, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and cholesterol reduction.

      Carotech, a U.S. based biotech company with production facilities in Malaysia, recently patented a tocotrienol complex as an oral hair loss treatment that simultaneously enhances testosterone production. This represents a significant breakthrough for aging men.

      Following are some press releases from Carotech:

Fueling Testosterone and Preventing Hair Loss with Tocotrienols
      Eugene, OR (PRWEB) February 15, 2008 — Hair loss (alopecia) and low testosterone (hypogonadism) have become common problems for middle aged men. The two most popular treatments for hair loss are finasteride (Proscar/Propecia) or the topical drug minoxidil (Rogain). Patient compliance with minoxidil therapy is generally a problem, while finesteride is often associated with undesirable side-effects. By overly suppressing DHT, finasteride can lead to erectile dysfunction, gynecomastia and general impotence. 

      Men with low testosterone often deal with the suboptimal lifestyle, or seek the traditional hypogonadal treatment of Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT). However, TRT is often associated with increased hair loss, thus requiring the need for aforementioned prescription hair loss drugs. This creates a negative cycle, and further reliance on prescription medication. 

      Recently, the natural ingredient manufacturer Carotech obtained a US patent (7,211,247) for the hair loss prevention, and hair regrowth benefits of a mixed tocotrienol complex. For this patent, a randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled study was performed. The participants supplementing with 100mg of the tocotrienol complex had an average 42 percent increase in hair count after 5 months, with no side-effects reported. The mechanism of action appears to be unrelated to DHT levels. It’s been reported that the tocotrienols may protect and replenish the hair follicle by their potent antioxidant ability.

      Research with animals and humans show that tocotrienols can support testosterone production by increasing production of luteinizing hormone (LH) from the brain. LH is the hormone that signals testosterone production from the male testes. Tocotrienols have also been found to increase testicular sensitivity the effects of LH, thus increasing the testosterone response from LH. 

      Tocotrienols are a safe and natural supplement for men wishing to support their body’s own testosterone production, while also promoting healthy hair growth. It is sold as a 30 day supply at the clinically effective hair regrowth dose.

Carotech patents hair regrowth formula
      New Jersey-based nutraceuticals player Carotech says it has patented a hair regrowth formula for treatment of pattern baldness based on tocotrienol complex.

      The company says that it has been issued with pant number 7,211,274 from the US Patent Office for its Hair Growth Formulationm, which features its Tocomin delivery system.

      The formulation is said to be a natural full spectrum palm tocotrienol complex derived from vitamin E, which has shown good results in the treatment of men AND WOMEN suffering from andogrenetic alopecia, or pattern baldness.

      Tocotrienols come in both natural and synthetic forms and are also said to reduce the effect of free radicals, with studies pinpointing that this property gives the compound an anti-cancer effect.

Tocotrienols studies show effectiveness against baldness
      Studies carried out on tocotrienols have already indicated that there is evidence that it can be incorporated into treatments to help prevent hair loss, and indeed there are already several supplement products on the market that make this type of claim.

      Pattern baldness condition is said to affect about 50 percent of men and women over the age of 40, and is said to be caused by three independent factors, testosterone levels, genetic disposition and advancing age.

    At MPB Research we have accessed and have available a patented tocotrienol formula from Carotech with a significantly enhanced bioavailability.

    In addition to the already highly absorbable tocomin complex, Sesame lignans have been added to help block or inhibit the enzyme that breaks down tocotrienols allowing tissue levels of tocotrienols to build up in the body. This translates into significantly greater antioxidant protection, an even further decrease destructive free radicals, and enhancing its hair growth effects.

    You could choose to use tocomin tocotrienols as a stand alone treatment for hair loss, and according to the research done by Carotech, get significant regrowth in about 5 months.

    There is also no contraindication to using tocotrienols in conjunction with other patented treatments from the European biotech industry such as Capsures (Resveratrol/Curcumin combo) and L’Oreal’s Hair Mass(Green Tea Extract/Taurine/Zinc), or the standard mainline treatments Rogaine and Propecia.